Amarnath Yatra, Kashmir

Amarnath Yatra, Kashmir

Amarnath Yatra, Kashmir

Amarnath Yatra, Kashmir

Amarnath yatra is the most admired and desired pilgrimage in Hinduism, Which every Hindu is keen to start as early as in his lifetime. This religious pilgrimage is organized by the government Of Jammu and Kashmir, every year in the gorgeous Himalayas. The Amarnath excursion tour is attended by lots of Indian and other international devotees. Interestingly, the Holy Cave, the main cave temple is located at an altitude of 12,756 feet (3,888 meters) above sea level, and it About 141 km away from the state capital Srinagar. You can plan your Amarnath Yatra through routes- Baltal to Amarnath Cave and Pahalgam to Amarnath cave.

Location :
Jammu and Kashmir

Dates :
01/07/2021 - 22/08/2021

The Legendary Amarnath Yatra

                  According to a famous legend, a pigeon that came out of a covering egg heard Amarnath. Another famous version due to the main character is the parrot in the pigeon area. When Lord Shiva was narrating the life and eternal secrets to Goddess Parvati, she fell asleep but the parrot started making noise. So, Shiva thought that Parvati was paying attention to the story. However, after he finishes the story, he finds out that she is actually asleep and that the parrot was listening to all these stories. This angered the Lord very much, he threw his Trishul to kill the parrot. In order to escape the trident, it is believed that the parrot entered the body of a woman who was the wife of age and decided to grow inside her womb. The child that was born later, his name was Shuka, he became well. Post this incident, Lord Shiva ordained that whoever goes to Amarnath cave will surely attain salvation (Moksha).

The religious significance of the Amarnath Yatra

According to the Hindu spiritual beliefs, the ice lingam shrinks and grows with the phases of the moon accomplishing huge dimensions from May to October. There are other ice formations that represent Parvati and Shiva’s son ‘Ganesha’.

The Amarnath Yatra Dates 2021

Amarnath Yatra dates are completely decided by the Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB), the caretaker of the holy cave. In 2021, Yatra will begin from 1st July 2021, and yatra will continue till 22nd August 2021 (tentative date).

How To Prepare for Amarnath Yatra

You have to take some special care while preparing for the Amarnath Yatra tour. Complete documentation, physical and mental medical fitness are the first priority before starting the journey.

Documentation required for Amarnath Jatra

Complete and accurate documentation is required before embarking on the journey. It is very important for the devotees to register for this journey before their journey towards Amarnath.
To register for the Holy Journey:

1. Obtain a Medical Fitness Certificate from a physician approved by the SASB (Amarnath Shrine Board), which proves you are physically fit for the arduous journey. Download List of Physicians Approved by SASB

2. Documents you need during the trip include (but are not limited to) Voter ID/ Driving License/ Passport, etc. for your identity, and of course fitness certificate

Requirements of Physical Fitness for Amarnath Yatra

Physical fitness is important and the principal concern. If you have an excellent desire to embark on this yatra, you have to be physically fit and you can prepare yourself through some easy however essential activities like walking for at least 6 kilometers each day for nearly 2 to 3 weeks before beginning the journey. Deep breathing exercises may also help. If you are afflicted by lung diseases, excessive blood pressure, and cardiac disease, it is recommended to take a doctor’s opinion, before intending to the holy voyage.

Health Advisory

The holy cave is located at an altitude of 13,500 feet and has extreme weather conditions. The air pressure is low and you're exposed to intense UV radiations. Therefore, you may experience common issues like nausea, headache, vomit, and breathing difficulties.
Important Health Advisory

Things you need to remember at Amarnath Yatra

  • If you have any critical medical condition, inform co-trekkers and authorities. Consult your physician before commencing this holy yatra.
  • Keep in handy carbohydrates on this trip, You may sense sick at this altitude, without any delay head to lower altitudes and get a checkup.
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol, or consume caffeine.
  • Your sleeping altitude needs to not cross 300 meters of the altitude you slept on the previous day.

How to Reach Pahalgam/Baltal from Srinagar

Basically, two routes are dedicated for pilgrims Yatra - from Pahalgam and from Baltal. Though each of those routes is properly connected from all major cities, most of the pilgrims prefer to start their holy yatra from Srinagar, the main purpose being the easy accessibility of Srinagar airport/railway station/Bus Stand.

Take a look at how to reach Pahalgam and Baltal from Srinagar.

Srinagar to Pahalgam - You can take a shared taxi to reach Pahalgam from Srinagar. The distance between Srinagar and Pahalgam is approx. 88 km and will take approx. 2.30 hours through the National Highway 1A and K.P Road.

Srinagar to Baltal - Direct cab is available from Srinagar to Baltal. It will take you approx. 3.30 hours (95.2 km) through National Highway 1.

State bus from Jamuu / Srinagar to Pahalgam / Baltal is also avalable During Amarnath Ji Yatra. JKRTC Bus Info.

How to reach Amarnath Cave from Baltal/Pahalgam

1. Pilgrimage Yatra From Baltal To Amarnath cave:

Amarnath via Baltal is the most famous direction amongst Amarnath pilgrims because it is the shortest too. Baltal is only 14 km from the Cave, which can be covered by road and by helicopter. The helicopter ride is specifically for pilgrims who're short on time. The thrilling Helicopter experience covers most of the yatra among Nilgrad (Baltal) to Panjtarni and the last 6 km distance may be covered by trek with the help of wood sticks

Baltal Route: Baltal → Domali → Barari Marg → Sangam → Holy Cave Baltal → Domali → Barari Marg → Sangam → Holy Cave

2. Pilgrimage Yatra From Pahalgam

Pahalgam, which was once well-known in the Kashmir Valley for its natural beauty, has now become a base camp for pilgrims. Pahalgam base camp is simply 96 km away from Srinagar and 47 km from the holy cave site. The first step of the yatra is at Chandanwari, 9,500 feet, around 16 km from the Pahalgam base camp. The next step is the Pissu top, 3 km away, placed at 11,000 feet, followed by Shesnag around 9 km from Pissu top which is placed at 11,730 feet. The next destination is Panjtarni, almost 12 km away from here, located at 12,000 feet. Nevertheless, you could also cover this distance by helicopter or by road.

Pahalgam Route: Pahalgam → Chandanwari → Pissu Top → Sheshnag → Panchtarni → Holy Amarnath Cave

How to Book For Amarnath Yatra By Helicopter:

The advance tickets of a helicopter for Amarnath Yatra can be booked online at the official website of Shri Amarnath Ji Shrine Board (SASB). Pilgrims can also book their tickets from the tatkal counter of Helicopter operators at respective helipads. The probabilities of getting tickets at the counters become less because of the heavy rush in the peak season. So it is recommended to book the tickets in advance from SASB Website. Children under the age of 2 can travel for free. However, adults who come with children will be carried in their laps.

Baltal to Amarnath Cave Pithu, Pony, Palki Charges 2021
Rates of Baltal to Amarnath Cave Per person Charges
Baltal to Amarnath pithu rate (Round Trip)
Baltal to Amarnath One Side Pithu Rate
Amarnath Cave to Baltal pithu rate (One Side)
INR 2430
INR 1400
INR 950
Baltal to Amarnath pony charges (Round Trip)
Baltal to Holy Cave One Way Pony Rate
Holy Cave to Baltal pony rate (One Way)
INR 4150
INR 2700
INR 1850
Baltal to Amarnath Doli Rate (Round Trip)
Baltal to Amarnath One Side Doli Rate
Holy Cave to Baltal One Side Doli Rate
INR 15000
INR 9000
INR 4700

Useful Tips for Amarnath Yatra

  • If you're visiting with your family with kids under 13 years and senior citizens 75 years and above, avoid trekking. Six weeks pregnant women also are not allowed.
  • Free meals and water offerings are provided such as rice, roti, idlis, dosa, dry fruits, and chocolates.
  • Tents at Nuwan in Pahalgam are supplied with mats and blankets to protect from the cold climate. But do not have high expectations.
  • It is freezing in Jammu and Kashmir, so ensure to carry woolen clothes, jackets, caps, gloves. A windcheater, raincoat, and torch may come in handy.
  • Bring waterproof boots made of plastic or rubber. They gave an excellent grip and could help you with the water and snow.
  • Photography and littering are not allowed in the caves. Follow the guidelines accordingly.
  • Tents do not have an attached bathroom and you need to use common toilets. So, bring enough toilet papers, cleaning soap napkins, etc. with you. You can also get hot water bottles for lavatory use at an extra cost.
  • In many times, climate situations hamper the return helicopter. Be prepared to stay at Panchtarni on the same day.
  • Before you begin the trek, determine the meeting point together along with your group in case any people gets lost/departed.
  • Make sure Each group member has all the printouts of the helicopter tickets, other accommodation vouchers.
  • Phones do not work in Baltal, Panchtarani, and Cave areas. Only the BSNL network works that too sometimes. There aren't any Local/STD/ISD booths. Remember to carry roaming enabled BSNL SIM cards from your hometown with you.

Things to Carry on Amarnath Yatra

  • Warm Clothes & Woolen Caps and three pair of Socks
  • Windcheater Jacket
  • Sunscreen Lotion and an insect repellent
  • Waterproof Shoes and a Raincoat / Ponchu
  • Trekking Pole (You can get wooden sticks from Baltal/Pahalgam)
  • Freeser proof Reusable water bottle
  • First aid kit for emergency situations
  • Torch with an extra battery
  • Hand sanitizer and a hand wash

Where to stay during Amarnath yatra

In Pahalgam, you can accommodate at the base camp in Nunwan. Tents on per night per bed basis housing 10-12 people are available along with the way at the night stops. Quilts, pillows, mattresses, and kerosene oil lanterns are provided. Hot water is avalable at an extra cost.

If not, some of the places to stay in Pahalgam during Amarnath Yatra are:-

  • Grand Mumtaz Resorts
  • Hotel Ramba Palace Resorts
  • Hotel Kohinoor
  • Golf View Resort

Baltal- Huts are to be had at Baltal, Manigaon, Panjtarni, and Holy Cave. There are some temporary toilets however most yards manage in the open.

Otherwise, some places you can stay in Balta during Amarnath Yatra are:-

  • Hotel Mountview Sonamarg
  • Eden Resorts and Spa
  • The Chinar Resort & Spa
  • Forest Hill Resorts

SASB Accommodation en route to Holy Cave and Charges per Bed

Where to Eat during the Amarnath Yatra

Langars or free meals are available on the entire trek route. You can consume paranthas, milk, biscuits, rotis, dal, rice, sweets, dosa, tea, bread, chocolates. Also, basic medication and a few free lodging and sanitation facilities are also offered. These langars can found at each of the main stops at the Amarnath route. Locations of Langars, offer free food

When to go for Amarnath Yatra:

The best time to conduct for Amarnath Yatra is from July to August. The dates of this yatra change according to the lunar cycle. Moreover, Amarnath Yatra is open for 2 months and terminates on Shravan Purnima (Raksha Bandhan day).

Amarnath Weather:

The Amarnath weather is unpredictable. Rain or snow can take place anytime at some stage in the yatra. The climate gets extremely cold, so ensure to cover yourself with warm woolen clothes.

Current Weather In Baltal:
Current Weather In Pahalgam:


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