Kedarkantha - Best Winter Trek in India

Kedarkantha - Best Winter Trek in India


Kedarkantha - Best Winter Trek in India

While trekking commonly is thought of as a summer activity, the number of people that are exploring the world of winter trekking snow biking because some prefer to call it is steadily on the increase. When you think of winter treks, it's the Kedarkantha trek that has emerged as a clear favorite among adventure fans. There are many reasons for this, and the opening sentence of the article simply shows a glimmer of what those are. But first, a few information about this lovely part of the Himalayas:

Around Kedarkantha

  • It is located within the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi district, in the Western Garhwal region of Uttarakhand.
  • Situated at a height of 3,810 meters (about 12,500 feet), this hiking trail covers a combined distance of 20 km
  • The best time to explore Kedarkantha is Winter Season. From November to April, January, and February are the most visited months.
  • Dehradun is the nearest railway station from Sankri, Dehradun Railway Station is well connected from almost all major Stations, and the nearest Airport is Jolly Grant Airport, which is located about 22km southeast of Dehradun.
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The Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha trek starts from Sankri, which is a beautiful little village in the foothills at an elevation of 6,400 feet (1,950 meter). The first Campsite is when trekkers reach Jadu Ka Talab, which is located around 9,100 feet ( 2,774 meter) high and requires about 5 hours trek from Sankri. This original stretch provides you a sample of this abundant beauty that awaits the trekkers ahead. Jadu Ka Talab is the first campsite on this conclusion; here you can spend the evening and get rested for the next stretch the following day.

Next up is your trek to Kedarkantha base, up at 11,250 feet and at a distance of 4.5km. Along this stretch is where you encounter for the first time that the lavish and ravishing 360 degrees views of snow-capped summits all around you. The campsite at Kedarkantha foundation is one of the most gorgeous campsites that any trek in India offers and is the ideal spot to put your tent, create some Maggi, and take your night's sleep.

The following and final destination would be the Kedarkantha summit, which is situated at an elevation of 12,500 feet. This stretch is the only slightly challenging part of the trek but this can be done with ease if you're moderately fit. Plus the views you experience on the way and ultimately at the summit are exceptional in beauty and magnificence. The Himalayas present themselves in all their glory here, and trekkers find the experience most rewarding.

After reaching the top, it's a journey back to the floor on which the first stop would be Horegaon Camp. It offers yet another alluring campsite and will serve as your night-stop. The next day you'll be trek straight to Sankri back through the dense pine woods, which you will surely enjoy once you began this trek.

Why is the Kedarkantha Trek Special?

  • First and foremost, it is a moderately simple trek, which still is amongst the very scenic. It just simply offers a great return on investment (in terms of effort and ability required) for most trekkers, and particularly for novices
  • A total of 13 peaks, that's what you experience in this trek. That's a really impressive number, especially when they are all covered in snow and offer stupendous views of sunlight reflecting off of them. Swargarohini, Black Peak, and Bandarpoonch are a few of them.
  • Sankri is easily accessible since it's not that far from Dehradun, Dehradun is well connected through road, air, and rail. In addition, the journey to Sankri from Dehradun is an exciting adventure in itself, which can be certain to keep you glued to a window seat the entire way.
  • The most famous and unique characteristic of the Kedarkantha trek is that the number of broad and open meadows this trek provides, which is quite uncommon and isn't found on the majority of other treks. This is the reason the campsites on this trek are reputed to be amongst the most paradisiacal. Jadu Ka Talab, Kedarkantha base, Hargown, and other campsites all are located on those meadows, nestled amongst the peaks of snow and sunlight.
  • You will find charming small villages throughout the trail where the people are friendly. You can get amazing insights into the local Garhwal folk culture, and about the way of life of people who occupy the Himalayas.
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Kedarkantha Trek Trip

There are some items to be kept in mind if one decides to go for this wonderful trek (cough cough, you totally should). The Kedarkantha Trek required around 6 days to and from Dehradun, but you can always customize the itinerary according to your preferences.

While the trek isn't especially challenging or hard, a decent amount of physical fitness is obviously a plus point. The elevation does get a little high once you get to the peak, so prepare accordingly. Carrying a nice quantity of water is always a safe bet and a great trekking habit.

You can't expect mobile network reception following Sankri, but with the mesmerizing views and natural beauty all around you, all you will have to have in your phone to function is that amazing camera to click dozens of images for your Instagram feed and Snapchat stories!


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