Travel Now Pay Later - Travel On EMI

Travel Now Pay Later - Travel On EMI


Travel Now Pay Later, Travel On EMI

Travel is considered one of the most therapeutic experiences acknowledged to mankind. The pleasure of exploring new places, witnessing new cultures, meeting new human beings and soaking up new stories is the proper antidote to the stresses of ordinary life. But a number of us do no longer get to indulge our choice to travel as frequently as we’d like due to the elephantine fees of taking a trip. So we are Introducing Travel Now Pay Later.

The Travel Now Pay Later choice rolled out by Ramble Tour And Travels offers the suitable solution of making your dream of traveling more regularly a reality, through taking the sting out of your travel expenses. Here’s the entirety you need to know approximately this payment option which will percent your bags and go on every occasion you want:

travel on emi, travel now pay later

What is Travel Now Pay Later?

As the name suggests, a Travel Now Pay Later allows you to divide the cost of travel into several easy installments spanning anywhere from three months to a year. The highlight of the service is ‘no cost’, which means you incur no extra interest on your payment if you pay the entire amount in installments within three to 6 months.

How No Cost EMIs Help Your Travel Plan?

Well, the single biggest advantage of No Cost EMI booking option is that you don’t have to foot the entire cost of travel up front, which means you have more dough to splurge on your holiday and won’t feel the pinch when a fraction of the entire cost gets deducted from your account every month. For instance, if you looking to book a return ticket from New Delhi to New York, the cheapest flights will work around to INR 68,000. By choosing the No Cost EMI option for six months, you just have to pay around INR 12,000 at a time, which means you have nearly INR 50,000 to spare and can channelize this cash to foot the bill of your food, stay and shopping in NYC. Since you are paying the full amount within six months, you don’t incur any interest too.

Features and Benefits:

travel on emi, travel now pay later, travel loanLoans up-to Rs.4 Lakh
Book your holiday on EMI with us you, can get a loan of up to Rs.4 lakh

ramble tour and travels, travel now pay later, travel loanFlexible Repayments
Buy a holiday on EMI and repay in flexible tenors of up to 24 months.

travel on emi, travel now pay later, travel loanForeclosure Charges Nill
Whenever you want to foreclose your loan, Without any additional fee you can foreclose the loan.

travel on emi, travel now pay later, travel loanAccess to an online account
All your loan details, like the amount due, the payment schedule, and the interest certificates, are easily available on an online account.

travel on emi, travel now pay later, travel loanExciting offers
You can also avail attractive deals and offers on holiday packages, and on your every purchase provided by our partners.

How to shop?

Booking a holiday on EMI is easy and hassle-free

You can use the Credit / Debit Card / Wallets / Net Banking / UPI / Qr to buy Tour Packages from Ramble Tour and Travels.

How to book a toue with an EMI

  • Step 1: Visit into Ramble Tour And Travels Website and Choose Travel Packages / Trek Package
  • Step 2: Choose EMI as Payment Method
  • Step 3: Walk out with your purchase

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